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To provide an oasis of inspiration and tranquility, while furthering the understanding and appreciation of plants, especially epiphytes.

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The Research area features extensive collections from over thirty years of work by some of the worlds best botanists.

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What's In Bloom?

  • Goldenrod (Sunflower Family)

    Fall is one of the best times of year in Florida to see native wildflowers blooming. We have so many different habitats represented in our state, from sandy beaches to wet swamps and everything in between, and wildflowers can be found in all of them. A versatile genus which has species represented in many of these diverse habitats, and can be seen blooming everywhere right now, is Solidago. This wildflower can be found from the beaches to the prairies to recently burned pinelands.

    Visit the Gardens to see and learn more about these incredible flowers or visit our botany blog for additional details.