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To provide an oasis of inspiration and tranquility, while furthering the understanding and appreciation of plants, especially epiphytes.

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The Research area features extensive collections from over thirty years of work by some of the worlds best botanists.

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What's In Bloom?

  • Plumeria rubra (Dogbane family)

    Plumerias are some of the most popular trees of the tropics, famous for their gorgeous flowers. If you have ever been presented with a lei neckless, they were most likely plumerias! Almost every hotel in a tropical island country will have a Plumeria planted somewhere on its grounds. Yet, the plant is foreign to most of the places we associate it with. Beloved by so many, they have been carried over the oceans and across the globe, finding homes anywhere absent of freezes, even the dry southern California desert.

    Visit the Gardens to see and learn more about these incredible flowers or visit our botany blog for additional details.