Academy Graduate


(Sarasota, FL, July 1, 2010):  The Academy of Botanical Art is proud to announce that it has graduated its first student Margaret Snee from Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  Snee, now officially a Certified Botanical Artist was awarded a Meritorious Achievement, Special Distinction and Honors for her work.  The botanical art program is based on French Court tradition and the techniques of the masters.  All lessons follow a series of books written by Ms. Braida entitled, “Ten Steps – A Course in Botanical Art & Illustration” available at

Prior to this the program has seen other graduates at the Ringling College of Art and Design.  Ms. Braida’s program has now expanded to both local and distance learning.  “We expect to have many more graduates come through this program over the next few years – some students like Maggie Snee who live as far away as Scotland,” says Ms. Braida. 

 Examples of botanical artwork by Ms. Braida and other instructors will be on display at the Selby Annual Instructors Exhibition June 10 through October 3, 2010.  For more information on the botanical art program, visit and subscribe to the free monthly newsletter; or call 941-953-9999 for class times and availability. Or contact, Marilynn Shelley, Manager of Community Classes & Exhibits at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens,, 941-366-5731 x 239.