Batiks Botánicos: Selby Gardens - A Painter’s Garden by Artist Angela Maria Isaza

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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Presents             
Batiks Botánicos:Selby Gardens - A Painter’s Garden by Artist Angela Maria Isaza
October 7 – November 17, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily
in the Museum of Botany and the Arts

 [November 01, 2011 — Sarasota, Florida] Marie Selby Botanical Gardens presents Batiks Botánicos, Selby Gardens - A Painter’s Garden by Angela Maria Isaza.  Angela Maria Isaza is an artist and architect who lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia. She has studied at Marymount College of Virginia, the University of Virginia, and considers Selby Gardens one of her favorite places to visit in the world.

On a trip earlier this year, she returned to get inspiration for her fall exhibit. In walks through the Gardens, she observed and captured the beauty and diversity of our tropical and exotic plants. Then, back at home, she turned them into botanical batiks, or “Batiks Botánicos.”

Batik is an old painting technique that originated in the East, a very laborious process that uses wax, dyes, and natural fiber cloth. This exotic technique serves well for her personal vision and interpretation of the mysterious growth of nature, resulting in a very natural artistic interpretation.

The spectator will feel Ms. Isaza’s deep appreciation of nature just by viewing her expressive displays. This appreciation is not limited to the subject matter for her paintings, but is a call to play a role in conserving our fragile natural environments, their beauty and value.  In this new exhibit, Angela shares her latest colorful compositions of epiphytes, bromeliads, and orchids as well as other interesting and attractive plants and flowering trees. 

Come and explore the beauty and wonder of her batiks and the Gardens that have inspired her!

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