Welcome from the CEO

Welcome to our gardens.  Selby Gardens is the world’s only botanical garden specializing in epiphytes – plants that live in the tree canopy, including orchids, bromeliads, gesneriads, aroids, and a host of other beautiful and fascinating plants.  The old adage, “don’t miss the forest for the trees” suggests that you should not lose sight of the big picture by focusing on the details.  At Selby Gardens, the details–the trees and a multitude of other plants–are what the big picture is all about. 

Many know Selby Gardens as a lush, tropical oasis, but few are aware of the diversity of plants that make our Gardens great.  Selby Gardens is a rich collection acquired from all over the world, representing more than 35 years of scientific exploration and collection.  Step into our conservatory and see hundreds of epiphytes, rare and unusual shrubs and trees, giant ferns, flowering herbs, or catch a glimpse of one of the largest species of bromeliad at nearly eight feet tall. 

As we celebrate 35 years, I feel grateful for the opportunity to look back on our accomplishments. I am grateful to all of our partners, donors, volunteers, and members who have been so generous.  I am honored to serve an organization that is the recipient of the time, dedication, and expertise of our partners.  Thank you for entrusting the Gardens with memorials that honor your loved ones.  It is only together that Selby Botanical Gardens will continue to grow; your generosity helps provide an oasis of comfort, inspiration, healing, and knowledge to future generations. 

With sincere gratitude,

Tom Buchter