Tropical Dispatch Archive

Tropical Dispatch Fall 2009
  • Annual Meeting and Members’ Day
  • The Dr. Anne Vidaver Expedition to the Solomon Islands
  • Plants in the Gardens Anthurium
  • Tropical Fruit Garden Renovation
Tropical Dispatch Winter 2010
  • News from the Plant Science Center
  • Sarasota Sumi-e Society Exhibition
  • New Specimens Take Root in the Gardens
  • EarthBoxes now on Display in the Tropical Fruit Garden
  • Rainforest Masks 2010 of the Borucan Indians of Costa Rica
Tropical Dispatch Winter 2009
  • Finding French Guiana
  • Figs
  • Orchids as Teachers
  • New Species in Selbyana
  • Rainforest Masks 2009
Tropical Dispatch Summer 2009
  • Cattleya maxima ‘Konigin Silvia’ and its Journey to Successful Preservation
  • Beautiful New Phragmipedium Described by Selby Scientists
  • Guatemala Beckons
  • New Bonsai Exhibit
  • Competing with Plants
Tropical Dispatch Winter 2008
  • Belize Maya Mountain Summit Expedition
  • Rare orchids Rediscovered
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green
  • Clerodendrum
  • Costa Rican – Borucan Mask Makers
Tropical Dispatch Fall 2008
  • Orchids of Bhutan
  • New Orchid Discovered in Sarasota County
  • Viaggio Art Exhibit
  • Deep Prairie in Sarasota County
  • Annual Meeting and Members’ Day
Tropical Dispatch Summer 2008
  • Exploring for Botanical Gold in Venezuela’s Lost World
  • Gongora boracayanesis-A Contribution to Plant Conservation
  • Rubiaceae, The Coffee Family
  • Selby Wins Big in Orchid Show
  • Selby Gardens Receives Major Rare Book Collection
Tropical Dispatch Fall 2010
  • Tropical Conservatory:Past, Present, and Future
  • Annual Meeting and Members’ Day
  • The Art of Watering
  • Diary of a Not So Mad Gardener
  • New!Cooking Corner
Tropical Dispatch Winter 2011
  • 230,000 Plantsand Other Fascinating Objects
  • Global Science Behind the Living Collections
  • Update on Molecular Program
  • Borucan Rainforest Masks 2011
  • World Gesneriad Research Conference


Tropical Dispatch Spring 2011
  • Weaving with Epiphytes
  • Air Plants and Other Epiphytes of Florida
  • Orchid with a Hair Trigger
  • Is Spanish Moss Killing your Tree?  Myth Busted!
  • Asian Festival a Success