Little Sprouts’ Club: Dec 2013

Little Sprouts' Club: The Rainforest from A to Z

Explore elements of the Rainforest each month in our new Children’s Rainforest Garden.  Enjoy a morning in the Gardens while learning about the rainforest through free play and hands-on exploration.  Join us as we celebrate the great outdoors through nature-based crafts, games and activities.  Together, while making rainforest crafts such as rainsticks and masks, your little sprout will delight in spending quality time with you outside.  Sessions include story-time, nature themed arts & crafts and a snack.   

On the first Tuesday of each month, from 10:30 – 11:30 am, Little Spouts’ Club will meet in our new Children's Rainforest Garden.  This program is designed for children 5 and under, does not require reservations, is rain or shine and is free with adult admission and to members. 

This month's date is Tuesday, December 3rd.  Hope to see you and your little sprout there!