Selby Gardens' Photography Policy

Photography / Videography Policy

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ photography/videography policy applies to all photographers, whether amateur, wedding, media/press, profession/commercial, or students, using any area of the Garden grounds at any time.

Non-Commercial Photography - During Normal Opening Hours (10am to 5pm) - Professional or Non-Professional Photographers/Videography Policy for Non-Commercial Use:

  • Standard Membership privileges apply
  • Gardens general admissions fee per person
  • Visitors to Selby are welcome to photograph the Gardens and inside the Conservatory/Tropical Display House for non-commercial applications
  • No tripods allowed in the Conservatory

Non-Commercial Photography - Outside Normal Operating Hours (8am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm) - Professional or Non-Professional Personal Portraits/Videography Policy for Non-Commercial Use: 

  • Advance Booking Required (minimum 3 business days)
  • See Website Details or Contact Events at (941) 366-5731, ext. 230 or email Events for schedule arrangements
  • Visitors to Selby are welcome to photograph the Gardens and inside the Conservatory for non-commercial applications
  • Non-refundable $100 deposit
  • $250 flat fee + tax (2 hours min.)
  • Additional hours billed @ $125 per hour
  • Changing rooms are available

Commercial Photography /  Videography Policy:

  • Photography/Videography Contract available on website at Details
  • Advance Booking Required (minimum 3 business days)
  • Project approved on a case-by-case basis
  • Non-refundable $250 deposit
  • Changing rooms are available
  • See Website Details or Contact Marketing at (941) 366-5731, ext. 225 or email Marketing

General Guidelines:    

Still Photography Pricing*      

  • 4 hours – half day                                            $   500
  • 8 hours – full day                                             $1,000

Videography Pricing*                      

  • 4 hours – half day                                            $1,000
  • 8 hours – full day                                             $2,000

Television and Major Motion Picture Pricing* 

  • 8 hours – full day                                             $10,000                                   (* $125 per hour, per person before or after office hours)

Members of the Media/Press: 

  • All media sessions including any content intended for print, radio, television, or film must be approved through the Selby Gardens Marketing
  • Include any content intended for print, radio, television, or film.
  • All press requests will be handled separately from all other photography. Please contact Marketing at (941) 366-5731, extension 225 to discuss your needs and make arrangements

Please note:  Marie Selby Botanical Gardens reserves the right to turn away photographers who meet any of the above criteria if they have not booked in advance and have Right of Refusal based on ethical guidelines/content.   [Updated:  February, 2011]

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