Programs For Children

Education is one of the pillars of Selby Gardens’ mission. Starting early is the key to developing a lifelong love and respect for the natural world; Selby Gardens offers relevant, multi-sensory educational programming for virtually every age group. It’s never too late to introduce your loved ones to the wonders of The Gardens. 

Selby educational programs serve as a gateway for children to explore the natural world and to engage in discovery. At the Gardens, children are free to play and explore a world filled with wonder and natural surprises, an extraordinary place that abounds with opportunities to connect with nature, family and community. Activities that encourage collaborative exploration engage children with family members as well as trained Selby volunteers and staff to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity.


Children visiting the Gardens explore the collection in a variety of ways: through story-telling, art projects, scientific discovery, and inquiry. All programs are based directly on Selby’s unique living collections. Participants have fun while learning valuable information about the natural world and gaining a life-long appreciation of nature. Selby endeavors to reach the whole child: head, hand and heart.

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