Programs For Schools

Selby Gardens Welcomes Schools!

Extend your classroom to Selby Gardens by taking your students on an engaging, informative journey in our unique, tropical botanical gardens.  Please see Tips for a Successful & Full Visit to prepare for your visit. We offer specialized programs or can tailor a tour to the needs and interests of your students. Programs are age-appropriate and designed with curriculum in mind.  A minimum of 10 students is required for the group rate. Please review the School Tour Packet PDF at the bottom of this page. For more information, email us or call at (941) 366-5731, ext. 237. 


School Groups Have Two Options

1. Self-Guided Experience - Exploration of the Gardens on your own

Who: All Grade Levels.
Cost: Students are $5 and teachers are free. One free chaperone per 10 students. Additional chaperones are $10.

2. Guided Tour - Exploration of the Gardens with a Selby Guide

Students are divided into groups of 10-15 to explore the gardens with a Selby Gardens Guide. Capacity is 60 students (one bus/visit)

Who: K-12
Cost: Students are $7 and teachers are free. One free chaperone per 10 students. Additional chaperons are $10.
Program Duration: 60-75 minutes, with a 10 AM start time

Preschool Field Trips Topics (Guided)

  • Butterflies and Bugs 
  • Leaves and Flowers

Cost: $5 per student . Teachers are free.  Chaperones are free Per 10 students, $10 each additional
Program Duration: 45-60 minutes

  • Leaf Identification Lab - Hands-on examination of leaf types as well as a leaf-rubbing activity
  • Bromeliad Tank Inspection - Unsing siphons and sieves, students investigate bromeliad tanks
  • Mangroves - Exploration of red, black and white mangroves and the habitat they provide
All Grade Levels
  • By Design - Guides work with teachers to tailor a program to meet curriculum needs for a variety of content areas.

Please see our Tips for A Successful & Full Visit to prepare for your trip.

For a fun activity, you might download and print our Plant Hunt!

What to Bring

  •     Lunches welcome!  Picnic lunches are welcome in the grassy areas througout the estate
  •     Picnic tables are not available
  •     Suntan lotion, hat, sunglasses, bottled water and insect repellant
  •     Camera

Garden Etiquette

  • Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Students must walk at all times
  • Do not pick flowers or leaves on the plants
  • Remain on paths or grassy areas
  • Be considerate of other guests
  • Refrain from touching plants in the Conservatory

Payment Method

IMPORTANT: Please choose one method of payment (Check, cash or credit cards) and pre-collect payment from students.


Bus parking is at the end of Palm Avenue across from the Welcome Center.  Your bus driver will receive free admission.

For more information, contact the Education department via email or at (941) 366-5731, ext. 237.


Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is proud to participate in was created in partnership with the Sarasota County Schools, the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, the Science and Environment Council of Sarasota County, and the Patterson Foundation. is an online resource that supports the needs of K-12 teachers by providing centralized access to explorations, such as field trips and classroom resources, and curricular support offered by area arts, science and history organizations for students. The explorations align to state instructional standards, thereby ensuring that the programs help students learn the content they are expected to master during the school year. The website allows teachers to search for explorations by criteria such as grade level, subject matter or benchmarks, and to find possible sources of funding for student participation.

Selby Gardens’ school programs are made possible by a generous contribution from the Koski Family Foundation. Additional support for serving title one schools is provided by the Patricia Rederer Memorial Fund.


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