Bulbophyllum Culture

This genus is very large and wide spread through the tropical and subtropical parts of the world. A large number of the species have prominent, often angular one-leafed pseudobulbs on a creeping rhizome. Many species are fragrant.

Generally speaking, there are a number of basic requirements for the culture of this species.

Temperature requirements vary depending on the altitude from which the species originally came. It is of help, therefore, to know from where your particular plant came. The rhizomes prefer to grow outwards from the pot in which they are confined. Therefore they often do best if placed in sizeable shallow baskets, over which the rhizomes may grow as they wish. Special attention must be paid to their drainage – which must be perfect. Only a small amount of medium should be placed in the container. The medium should be fir bark and sphagnum, closely packed around the root system, which is small. Again, drainage must be excellent. Some morning sun in beneficial, but a mostly shaded situation is best. Bulbs and leaves are easily sunburned.

Repotting should be done as infrequently as possible, as the roots do not do well if disturbed. For this reason, a basket is probably best.

Give plenty of water several times a week, and keep humidity high. Frequent application of weak plant food (Peters 20-20-20 – ¼ strength – once a week) seem most beneficial.

When new growths or flower spikes appear, be sure that water does not lodge in the opening leaves or buds, or rotting may occur.