Cyrtopodium Punctatum

Indigenous to South Florida and south. The largest species, allied to Cyrtopodium punctatum, have medium sized to immense, spindle-shaped pseudobulbs (sometimes to 5 feet and more, tall). Often highly colored flowers are produced in erect, usually tall, sometimes branching inflorescences, generally yellow, red or brown, frequently with splotched of darker colors.

CULTURE: Basic care is simple. Should be grown in pots, large enough to sustain several growths before repotting is necessary. Should be grown in well draining medium, packed around roots rather tightly. Perfect drainage is essential.

Abundant water and warmth needed – Including rather strong sunlight – though care must be taken to avoid sunburn of the foliage. Sunlight necessary to induce flowering.

When a pseudobulb of mature size has grown, and the next new growths start to appear (size important!!), water should be completely stopped until flower spikes arise – generally when the new growths are several inches long. Water may be given then, and gradually increased as the inflorescence expands and the new growth elongates. Cyrtopodiums are very heavy feeders, and do not thrive in most cases unless fertilized regularly.