Epidendrum Culture

Plants which were once included in Epidendrum are now often placed in the genus Encyclia. Care for both genera is the same.

This group of plant vary from truly epiphytic to rarely terrestrial. They may be very small to quite large, either with or without rhizomes (underground roots which travel and produce new plants). They often feature somewhat large onion-like pseudobulbs, may be slender, simple or branched, with leaves at intervals throughout their entire length. Their culture is much like that of cattleyas.

TEMPERATURE – Widely diverse, depending on species. In very general terms, a range of 50° to 80° F is favorable for most plants, although certain species from higher altitudes are happier with cooler temperatures.

WATER – Epidendrums require abundant moisture at their roots, especially when in active growth. When the pseudobulbs are mature, the watering should be somewhat curtailed. They should be placed in a very well-draining medium. Water 2-3 times a week in relatively cool weather, 3 times a week in hot weather.

LIGHT – These plants require a large amount of light. Once established, filtered sunlight should be supplied. This group grows very well on a patio with house screening overhead. This is best given on an east facing patio, where the plants will get morning sun, but not the hot afternoon sun.

FOOD – Liberal applications of a balanced fertilizer are recommended at least once every two weeks. Peters 20-20-20 is recommended at ½ concentration every 2 weeks. ¼ strength can be given every week.