Euphorbia - Native to Africa


1. ½ day to all day direct sun
2. During warm months, water thoroughly, let slightly dry out
3. Fertilize lightly 2-3 times monthly for maximum growth during spring, summer and early fall (I use Peter’s 20-20-20)
4. In winter plant goes dormant, water only when completely dry5. Planting medium – 3 parts peat type material – 1 part coarse Perlite

    Here are some species types:

  • Euphorbia trigona 'Red'
    'Red Devil's Backbone'
    Native to Tropical West Africa
    Goes dormant in winter
    1/2 all day direct sun
  • Euphorbia Lactea 'Varigata' 'Dragon Bones'
    Also called "White Candelabra"
    Grows to 15 feet
  • Euphorbia bupleurifolia 'Leafy Pinecone'
    Very rare
    Native to South Africa
    Male-Female plants
  • Euphorbia platycalda 'Pink Antlers'
  • Euphorbia lactea 'Varigata Cristata'
    'Crested Dragon Bones
    Extremely rare plant
  • Euphorbia decaryi 'Krinkles'
  • Euphorbia squarrosa Caudex Forming
  • Euphorbia obesa 'Basketball Plant'
    Male and Female Plants
  • Euphorbia mammillaris 'Varigata' 'Corn Cobb'
  • Euphorbia polygona 'Snow Flake'
    The most beautiful of all Euphorbias