Collaboration Results in Southwest Florida’s Only Public, Permanent Bonsai Exhibit

Officials of both Selby Gardens and Sho Fu Bonsai Society of Sarasota welcome the public to Southwest Florida’s only public, permanent exhibit of bonsai.  Funds were raised by Sho Fu Bonsai Society of Sarasota for both the exhibit and the bonsai trees, while Selby Gardens provided the venue in the Gardens just outside the Tropical Display House. 

Sho Fu has accumulated an inventory of eleven trees and two forests for the impressive exhibit through a combination of donations from members and from noted area bonsai artists.  The artists include Alan Carver, Clif Pottberg, Hal Mahoney, Erik Wigert, Mary Madison, Ernie Fernandez and Dorothy Schmitz.  Many of the trees have been in training for more than twenty years.

Erik Wigert, President of Sho Fu Bonsai Society of Sarasota and Curator of the permanent exhibit, said, “This is a wonderful example of collaboration at its best.  We get to exhibit specimen bonsai in a world class botanical garden.

Plan a visit to the Gardens to better understand this ancient Asian living art form of bonsai.  Sho Fu Bonsai Society holds monthly meetings the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Room by the Bay.  For further information, contact (941) 366-5731, extension 270.