EarthBoxes now on display in the Tropical Fruit Garden

On display this winter in the newly renovated Tropical Fruit Garden are 12 EarthBoxes, showing a variety of crops including vegetables, fruits, and flowers. An EarthBox is a revolutionary growing system that automatically provides appropriate levels of moisture and nutrients to plants. Versatile EarthBoxes can be used for flower boxes, highly productive vegetable

growing, or even tree crops. They are also an environmentally friendly choice for growing. Made out of 100% recycled, durable plastics, they grow robust, healthy plants using less water and

fertilizer than traditional gardening methods or plant containers. EarthBoxes were invented and developed by Blake Whisenant, a Florida farmer whose family has been in agriculture for more

than 100 years. Fortunately for Selby Gardens, the EarthBox Research Center is located in nearby Ellenton, Florida, and preplanted EarthBoxes are provided to Selby Gardens for display.

This beneficial relationship began last fall when Whisenant generously sponsored the television gardening series Florida Homegrown. Hosted by Director of Horticulture Mike McLaughlin, this minute and-a-half series is shown between regular programming and talks about various aspects of gardening. Aired on the popular Tampa public broadcasting station WUSF Channel 16, Florida Homegrown is watched by more than a half-million households every week,

which is tremendous exposure for Selby Gardens. Whisenant has sponsored a second season of Florida Homegrown, which will be filmed this winter. EarthBoxes on display in the newly renovated Tropical Fruit Garden.