Tropical Fruit Garden at Selby Gardens is Dedicated

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens recently dedicated a newly renovated Tropical Fruit Garden.  This Garden offers a palette of tropical fruits and other food plants such as sugarcane, beans, and root and leaf crops.  Visitors may have the pleasure of eating certain foods, but have never actually seen the plants that bear them. Another interesting component of the garden is a rotating display of more unusual fruit plants in ornamental containers, selected for vigor in our local climate.  These intriguing plants are interpreted to Selby’s visitors through illustrated signage as well as a volunteer staffed educational cart. 

While many people had a part to play in this garden renovation, it was the many generous donors who made it all possible.  We are pleased to acknowledge the following donors: gifts made in memory of Dr. Russell Seibert; gifts in memory of “Woody” Bryne; the Fritz family; the Founders Garden Club of Sarasota; Whole Foods Market Sarasota; Barbara and Julian Hansen; Irene Page; and a gift in memory of Erik Ross.  Please stop by to enjoy this refreshed garden, learn about the marvelous plants, and taste some delectable fruit!