Bromeliad Research Center

The Mulford B. Foster Bromeliad Research Center (BRC) was established to honor one of the world's leading bromeliad collectors. It has been widely supported by local, national, and international bromeliad societies. The goal of the BIC is to serve as a source of information for individuals, institutions, and societies on horticultural and botanical aspects of the Bromeliaceae. Over the years, BIC staff and many volunteers have amassed a collection of more than 3000 taxonomic reference files and a large collection of photographic slides and digital images. Additionally, Selby Gardens’ holdings of more than 10,000 bromeliad herbarium specimens and nearly 4000 live bromeliad accessions provide a wealth of materials for many types of studies, including classification, morphology, anatomy, and physiology. Geographically, the collection is well-represented by collections from Central America, Andean South America, and Brazil. Important collectors represented include Harry E. Luther, John Anderson, Stephan Beck, Wally Berg, Libby Besse, Julio Betancur, Dennis Cathcart, John L. Clark, Xavier Cornejo, Stig Dalström, Wilmer Díaz, Calaway Dodson, Alwyn Gentry, Jason R. Grant, Alexander Hirtz, Bruce Holst, H. Hromadnik, Pierre Ibisch, M. Kessler, Chester Skotak, James Solomon, Walter Till, G.S. Vadarajan, and Rodolfo Vásquez.

Scientific institutions seeking species-level identifications of Guayana Shield and northern Amazonian bromeliads may submit herbarium specimens for identification to Selby Garden’s research center. BIC resources are available to qualified students of the Bromeliad Family. Please contact us for more information.

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The BIC is generously supported by the Bromeliad Society International and numerous worldwide affiliates.